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Laser vs Ipl


The primary principle behind laser hair removal is selective photothermolysis (SPTL), the matching of a specific wavelength of light and pulse duration to obtain optimal effect on a targeted tissue with minimal effect on surrounding tissue.

Intense pulsed light, commonly abbreviated as IPL, is a technology used by cosmetic and medical practitioners to perform various skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic uses including hair removal, photorejuvenation, Skin Rejuvenation, Vascular and Acne treatments. and various dermatologic diseases. The technology utilises a broad spectrum light source, with a general spectral range of 500 to 1200 nm. Various cutoff filters are commonly used to filter out lower frequencies and narrow this spectrum to target specific structures and chromophores. Because of the broad spectrum of the IPL light source they are unique, as opposed to lasers, in the ability to filter the light spectrum to target various chromophores in the skin.

IPL is used to treat and can permanently reduce hair growth, most effectively in darker, courser hair. There are many names and devices for pulsed light treatments such as E-Light, ELOS, and M-Light. Laser hair removal is different and uses coherent, monochromatic laser light. With IPL cooling is used to protect the skin in contact with the device.

Although known as The Laser Clinic Hull the name suggests we use traditional lasers, but in fact we consciously use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Laser Hair removal and skincare technology which is regarded as Laser Hair removal and Laser Skincare Treatments but technically it’s different.

We offer IPL based Laser Hair Removal treatments for both women and men, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Laser Thread Vein Treatments, Rosacea Treatments, Laser Acne Treatments, Laser Sun Damage Treatments and Anti Ageing Treatments to name but a few.

Laser vs Ipl

Both Laser Hair removal and IPL Intense Pulsed Light Laser Hair Removal (also known as laser hair removal) permanently stops hair growing back by destroying the hair follicles that grow hair.

The various types of machines called "laser" range from true lasers (Diode, NdYag, Alexandrite, Ruby etc) to non-lasers called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) but across the beauty industry they are still referred to and known as laser hair removal and sometimes described as SPL or VPL. Basically all of the above are marketing terms to try and differentiate pretty much identical technologies.

However, true lasers and IPL all essentially work the same way...that is, a highly concentrated energy in the form of light passes through the skin and is converted to heat by the pigmentation in the hair follicles, much like sunlight warming a dark wall. The heat is sufficient to destroy the follicle.

Laser hair removal/IPL technology has been proven to be so effective that international medical authorities have approved some manufacturers to sell and promote machines for permanent hair reduction.

Laser hair removal has become popular because of its speed and efficacy just like IPL hair removal, although some of the efficacy of clinics that offer or claim to offer ‘Laser Hair Removal’ is entirely dependent upon the skill and experience of the laser operator, and the choice and availability of different laser technologies and the equipment used for the procedure.

It is important that patients do their research first on the clinics and practises they use. For peace of mind patients could visit their potential clinics to see wether they are authorised clinics professionally or medically qualified and or up to date with UK and European legislations and laws. Usually hair removal and skin care clinics will have a fully qualified team of professionals and display the relevant qualification, certificates or for extra peace of mind patients can check clinics and operatives of equipment are professionally trained/registered with official and authorised companies like we are with Ellipse. Simply visit

It is very common for patients to ask what the difference is between IPL laser and laser hair removal as both types of technology and the companies that use these attempt to gain advantage over one another when in reality both IPL and Laser Hair Removal are both great technological treatments and equally as good as each other. The technology each use to generate light is different but the results achieve almost identical results in hair removal and other specialist IPL laser skin care treatments.

One medically proven advantage that IPL Hair Removal and Cosmetic Skincare equipment does have over standard laser hair removal is that IPL is the only one medically reported to have less side effects in the patient. A 2006 article in the journal "Lasers in Medical Science" compared IPL and both alexandrite and diode lasers. The review found no statistical difference in effectiveness, but a higher incidence of side effects with the diode laser treatments which are used in most Laser Clinics. IPL Intense Pulsed Light as used by the team at The Laser Clinic Hull proved to be better. Side effects were reported as 28.9% for diode lasers, and only 15.3% for IPL. Having said that all side effects were found to be temporary and even pigmentation changes returned to normal within 6 months using both systems.

Here at The Laser Clinic in Hull we use the best IPL technology and consciously adopted the prestigious and world renowned brand Ellipse using the very latest Ellipse 12PL+ Intense Pulsed Light System for the safe removal of hair and advanced skin care treatments.

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