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Here at The Laser Clinic Hull you are in safe hands...

...We provide the highest quality in cosmetic laser and hair removal treatments using world class Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Systems by Ellipse. Our services range from laser hair removal, sun damage, age defence and acne treatments through to the latest beauty, massage and alternative treatments on the market. Our expert staff, level of experience and expertise have helped us become Hull’s leading Laser Clinic.

We are fully registered with the Health Care Commission and have a fully qualified and registered practising Nurse at the clinic here in Hull. All consultations are welcome and we are certain that once you have met the team you will be confident and clear in what is best for you. We strictly comply and adhere to all guidelines within our practices and products that we offer.

The Laser Clinic use the highest specification medical grade laser therapy IPL machines from Ellipse. All clinical trials documenting Ellipse's safety and effectiveness are carried out by the worlds leading doctors prior to the release of any product. The results of these tests are published in recognised and respected medical journals. More information on these publications can be found direct on the Ellipse website at

Your safety is paramount to us. All our laser IPL technicians are fully trained by registered Ellipse technicians, so your safety is assured at all times.

If you have any queries or concerns at all please feel free to contact us and our team will be on hand to answer any queries you may have. Because everyones course of treatments or conditions are unique it is recommended that clients come to visit us at the clinic for a free consultation so we can assess and advice the best course of treatment for you.

We offer a wide range of IPL Laser Treatments to help with many different cosmetic ailments ranging from hair removal to thread vein and acne treatments. For more information on our IPL Laser Therapy Treatments and costings please click here.


A decade of proven results, thousands of satisfied users and millions of satisfied clients’ have placed Ellipse among the world’s very best systems for Hair Removal , Skin Rejuvenation, Vascular and Acne treatments.

Ellipse Intense Pulsed Light offers a wide choice of treatments to meet ALL clients’ needs effectively.

An Authorised Ellipse Clinic will provide you with a treatment experience that ensures both your safety and your satisfaction. The Laser clinic Hull is an Official & Authorised Ellipse Clinic. The team are qualified technicians thus recommended by Ellipse.

Ellipse IPL systems are CE marked in accordance with the European Union’s Medical Device Directive and have obtained American FDA approval.

All Authorised Ellipse Clinics have to complete a comprehensive training courses on the Ellipse equipment, provided by our Clinical Specialists. Trainees are fully certified on completion of this training. Rest assured that your Authorised Ellipse Clinic can provide you with fast, effective and comfortable treatments, with superior, proven results!

For further information on your nearest Authorised Ellipse Clinic please feel free to call Ellipse direct on: +44 (0) 208 741 1111

About Us
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