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AHAs are natural skin exfoliators. Our skin is constantly renewing itself by a natural process of cell turnover. As we age, the process slows down, dead cells back up in our outer skin layer, the skin becomes dull, sallow, coarse, and is prime residence for fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tones.

AHAs exfoliate the skin and return skin cell exfoliation to its natural youthful rate, resulting in improved appearance in fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and restoring a more youthful, radiant glow to the skin.

PRIORI® Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals SKIN RENEWAL PEEL £45.00
(30 min)
Whether you suffer from fine lines and wrinkles, adult recurring acne or damaged sensitive skin we can tailor this peel to suit your skins needs. It will exfoliate, firm, brighten, hydrate, repair and promote a clearer, softer and more hydrated youthful appearance.
PRIORI® Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals REPLENISHING & HYDRATING PEEL £60.00
(60 mins)
This intense hydrating relaxing facial is tailored to your skin’s individual needs. The peel is followed by facial massage movements with a soothing balm and a replenishing mask to firm, hydrate and exfoliate skin.


x6 30 MINS PRIORI® Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals PEELS £180.00

x6 1 HOUR PRIORI® Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals PEELS £240.00

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