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In simple terms, PRIORI® Idebenone Complex is a bioengineered “Co-Enzyme Q10”; only up to 1000 times more effective!. It targets ageing at the cellular source - the mitochondria - where free radicals produced during cellular metabolism cause cellular damage!


The Idebenone Complex Superceuticals® is a respiratory chain antioxidant; unlike botanical and vitamin antioxidants, it is the only antioxidant that fights both intrinsic (natural ageing) and extrinsic ageing (environmental ageing)!

Idebenone Complex delivers the highest level of skin rejuvenation that you cannot get from any other Cosmeceutical skincare ingredient!

The Idebenone Complex Superceuticals® PEEL £55.00
(30 mins)
A series of these facial treatments will achieve real rejuvenation with improvement in elasticity, lines, wrinkles, skin texture, tone and clarity. Face feels & looks fresh, glowing and hydrated. This treatment offers effective age management; encourages growth of healthy new skin cells, increases skin density, removes layers of dead skin, and increases skin moisture content.
The Idebenone Complex Superceuticals® ANTI-AGEING PEEL £55.00
(30 mins)
Ideal for mature, wrinkled skin and as a boosting treatment to the Superceuticals® Peel. An anti-ageing treatment peel that provides dramatic and visible results specifically for individuals with advanced signs of ageing. Brightens complexion, reduces the appearance of redness, lines, wrinkles, photo damage, dramatically improves skin texture, tone and clarity leaving the skin deeply hydrated. and relaxed.
The Idebenone Complex Superceuticals® ANTI-PIGMENTATION PEEL £55.00
(30 mins)
A superior brightening and antiageing treatment peel that provides dramatic and visible results for skin exhibiting uneven skin tones, age, liver and sun spots, melasma and other skin conditions with irregular pigment distribution. Dramatically improves texture, tone and clarity of the skin while leaving the skin deeply hydrated.


X6 30 MINS £240.00

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